Glock 19 Match Grade X-Fluted Threaded Barrel 1/2 X 28

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If your coating is showing a lead time it’s ok to order now. They are currently in production process when a lead time is showing. The lead times are due to secondary prep, finishing, polishing, and coating. This also takes into account the shipping time back and forth between vendors.

Drop in 1/2x28 threaded Match Grade 416 stainless steel replacement barrel for the Glock 19 pistol.

Gen1 - Gen5 Compatible

- Emphasis on being fully concentric means perfect function and fit with all suppressors and no worries about baffle strikes.

- Broach cut 6 groove rifling allows for all ammo types to be used safely, including cast lead.

- 100% Designed and manufactured in the USA with USA sourced certified steel.

- Advanced Broach cut rifling process

- Works with Gen1 - Gen5 pistols as well as Polymer80 style builds.

- 9mm 1/10LH twist rifling

- Special 11 degree recessed target crown.

- Fully supported SAAMI spec chamber

- Improved overall fit from OEM.

- Assorted specialty coatings and finishes to choose from.

*NOTE - If choosing the Blue Titanium Oxide PVD coating please be aware it is an experimental cosmetic coating and will wear at a MUCH faster rate on the metal on metal contact points. Expect wear to start at installation. The blue hues of color vary from batch to batch and you may see purple or gold accenting colors in the finish. Unique for sure, but we have found it to be nowhere near as strong as our Nitride, DLC, TiCN, and TiN coatings. Application of all coatings are performed by a large, well known, industry leading company that we partner with.